Age matters?

Recently Italy has started a new scheme whereas people who are reaching the retirement age ,are being compensated to retire early,to make way for the young people,as the rate of young people without jobs is very high in that country.

As it is in the UK.

On one hand we are living longer, and are fitter and capable of working,we are told that we need to be employed and  keep busy if we are to ward off dementia and other ailments, we  also have a wealth of experience which is useful and necessary  for any given task.

On the other, there rare thousands of young people who can’t find work ,because employers can’t afford them while they are paying the salaries of those who have risen through the ranks ,due to their experience and age.

The firemen have been on a strike,because they are being asked to work until they are sixty,and they say that their job is so demanding that they can not perform it well, once they have passed their peak.

So which is it? Why ask people to work longer and them bemoan the fact that the young are suffering?

The other day someone was telling me about physical fitness, saying that now that he is fifty ,he will have to work at his fitness,as he is feeling that he gets a bit tired doing the things he could easily before.

I found it interesting that those who have ,under this scheme; have taken early retirement,in Italy ,looked very content.

As a spokesman said; “they can enjoy life ,hence keep well and boost the economy by spending their money”.

So why are people so reluctant to take early retirement and make room for someone younger,after all the young have a greater need, they have young families, mortgages and need a foot in the job market ,where as those of us who have worked all our lives now can take things easy?

Why is taking things easy is frowned upon I wonder?

I would say you have earned it, or is it the thought of not being gainfully employed is unbearable,if so why?

I wonder what you think ?


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