Changing Your Man!

I read somewhere that it takes 192 days for a woman to change her man on average!

We all remember the transformation of the cricketer Shane Warne from an Aussie “troglodyte” to a “foppish metrosexual” just  under a week or so,by his then girl friend Liz Hurley.

I wrote a blog about it at the time;

Anyway now they have split up,and while Ms Hurley is back on the cat walk, Warne is back in Australia, letting the melanine seep out of his skin and letting his eyebrows grow again!

Samantha Cameron is said to be responsible for the wardrobe of her husband,though we don’t know if the clothes are of her choice, one hopes so,as am not sure one can totally trust our Dave to choose the smart clothes he wears!

Sorry Prime Minister.

So what I want to know is,ladies have you influenced/changed your man in the way he dresses? Or have you only chosen him because he is a chic dresser?

As far as am concerned,I was influental in pointing my man into a certain direction,he did the rest,and often I was left just to admire his dress sense!

Sometimes it can be an endearing quality,sometime it can be embarrassing,when men pay no attention to the way they dress.

How about you men out there? Do you take an active interest in your wife’s choice of attire?

If not why not?

I bet the number of women who have been instrumental in polishing the image of their man is much higher than the other way round.

Unless you tell me differently!


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