Freedom to Blog

I have just come across this article by Damian Thompson;


-He talks about how punchy the blogs are on the Telegraph page, and the writers ;seasoned writers though they are, are freer and more adventurous on the daily Telegraph site to say what they want.

In other words he is saying that the Telegraph encourages authors to say the un-sayable,and affords them freedom to blog on whatever subject they want to.

But can there be total freedom to say the “un-sayable”?

I have just read and watched the clip of a CNN news programme,where the commentator (Martin Basheer) is scathing of Sarah Palin. And the blogger has headlined his blog as “Martin Basheer advocates defecating in Sarah Palin’s mouth”. I found the headline offensive,though am no fan of the US politics or Ms Palin,but I would refrain from reading something like this,it offends my sensibilities. Though on listening to it proved much less offending. He quotes the dairies about slavery,where it is noted that as punishment ,this was the regular practice.

So does the daily Telegraph gives full freedom to express ourselves?

We often see that the main site closes comments on blogs and often removes them. Poor Cristina Odone comes regulary under fire by her readers.

Can there be total freedom on a public site? I did some qualifications in feature writing /journalism,the most time we spent on was the subject of an etiquette of writing on a public site. The legal pitfalls and law of libel. I can understand that in the heat of the moment such nicities can not be remembered,but am sure the ones blogging on the daily Telegraph site do not completely forget them.

Do you feel the blogs are that free and punchy? And how about the My Telegraph,how far can we push the boundaries? And is shock the only tactic to attract readers?




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