Size Matters!

India Knight ,writing in the Sunday Times touches on something really important.

How we especially women have become obsessed with our size and looks. The example given is of some television show called “Am a celebrity get me out of here”. I have never seen the show but remember hearing about it when one of the female MP was on it.

Anyway this year there are two female candidates on the show, the swimmer Rebecca Adlington, and Amy Willerton a beauty queen.Of course the beauty queen looks great,and Ms Knight says is;”all tits,legs and hair as you’d expect”!

it seems this obvious difference has reduced Adlington to tears,and she has been sobbing on the film ,lamenting that she is an athelete hence has a body to match,of course we know that. She is an Olympian ,an achiever who has made her country proud,it doesn’t matter if she has a muscular body. It seems not.

She says that attractive women make her feel very insecure.around attractive women,and she is unfavourably compared to her counter part the beauty queen on social media.

Oh dear. We as women have come a long way,we have had one of the strongest woman prime minister in this country,we have an array of womens rights, various other countries have women presidents and prime ministers,but we are so wound up in our vanity !

So has all the movements and fight for gender equality have been in vain? All we need is as Ms Knight says” tits,legs and hair’?

A few week ago Cristina Odone wrote a blog on the main Telegraph site ,just because Theresa May the Home Secretary was seen in a strapless dress. Never mind that she holds a high office and is in charge of a very important job,that of keeping us safe,but as Ms Odone went on at length on all the clothes,shoes Ms May has been wearing over the last few weeks.

Had this been done by a male journalist,then am sure Ms Odone would have been the first to scream gender bias and how demeaning it is to the sisters.

So I say, that women are the ones who are keeping themselves from being equal.

That women do want to have it both ways,well they can not.

Do you agree?


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