Media and Us

Recently there have been quite a few blogs here talking about the “media” the headlines ,which have inflicted pain on us ,so to speak and have made us come and express our anger on this site. Some are ,really irritating and we think it was time the Leveson guidelines were implemented and the newspapers /the BBC behaved themselves!

First of all it is worth thinking about that we all have our likes/dislikes and agendas,political or otherwise. What we consider ‘claptrap” may be important to another group of readers/listeners and so on.The newspapers and the broadcasters are trying to cater for the majority,and in the process they are bound to upset another section of their audience,they try to please everyone,as is their remit and end up not pleasing a lot of us.

Take sensational headlines for example,am one of those who complains about them and a lot of us here talk of the Telegraph “becoming a tabloid”!

But just think it is the tabloids, which have a bigger circulation these days. If the headlines were subdued and “civilised” we will not take much notice, as a result they sales go down and perhaps that is why newspapers like the Telegraph are trying to gain more readers by trying to please all tastes, and in the process ,are annoying their regular readers?

The coverage of Nigella ‘s troubles was was, as someone said it was a kind of “envy” we all have!

It seems we are “thrilled and relieved when others lives aren’t  so brilliant after all”! Allegedly the rough estimate of Charles Saatchi and Ms Lawson ‘s monthly household bill is £100,000. A court heard that Mr Saatchi had annual household credit card bills of £1.2 million run up by his ex wife and her aides ,which apparently he paid in full every month without scrutinising the details.

So it is the stuff of dreams, something we could just read about wide eyed and sigh.So when something goes wrong with such perfect life styles,we love hearing/talking about it,or at least a large part of the population does.

One article claimed that the effect of reading about the misery of celebrities, makes us happy!

Research at Stanford University claims that it is not because we are being personally vindictive,it is because we consistently overestimate how pleasant  other people’s lives are!  We all try and present our best side in conversations and our writings,we rarely admit to having negative feelings,and we think that showing our weak side and our insecurities to the world is not acceptable, we suppress them and are miserable as a result.

When we find that behind the millions available to spend and a glittering life style ,the celebrities have miserable lives too,we lap it up! Perhaps it makes us feel better

Perhaps there is a bit of envy in all of us ,in everyone of us , we must do,hence the headlines selling the news, the broadcaster who goes into the nitty gritty of a scandal with a tooh comb,having a larger audience.



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