Who should know better!

Our leaders should know better should they not?

At least our Prime minister ,at least should set us an example .

Did you hear that Mr Cameron was criticised for yesterday by a judge for making inappropriate remarks about an ongoing case. Nigella to be precise. The PM said in an interview that  “Am a great fan of Nigella, have had the good fortune to meet her a few times, and I love her “! And this was in response to a twitter campaign for Nigella ,called “team Nigella”.

Oh dear,was there no one in the office to tell him that you do not make such comments when a court case is on going? Has he read our Charles’s blog he would have known.Tsk!

Another thing which really puzzles me is that we all moan and groan about the fact that we have lost our values, the spirit of Christmas , it has become commercial and there is too much political correctness is going on?

And then you have a look at the official Christmas cards from the Downing Street ,and by the leader of the opposition, there is not a Holly in site. Nothing at all to do with the Christmas.

The Cameron card consist of him looking into the eyes of the his lovely wife and their daughter perched between them. And the Miliband card has a picture of them striding on the beach with their two boys.

All very nice am sure,an idyllic  scene am sure.

But not even a sprig of holly in sight.

So when we complain that we have lost our values, what are we doing to preserve them? And more so, our leaders who should know better,why are they not setting an example?

This is a Christian country ,the Queen is the head of the Church of England ,then should there be some token recognition of what the festival is for,and should our leaders not set an example?

Or are they too cowed and politically correct?

What do you think?

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