So how was it for you?

NO  nothing sinister,am just asking about the departing year!

Another year is about to be written off from our lives, never to return, life might  seem the same but there will be subtle differences. Nothing will be exactly what it was. The weather, the politics and the circumstances , the economics, the world will evolve and we will adopt to these changes.

I will be glad to see the year depart,I  have never believed in number 13 being anything,but this year turned to be one which has turned my world upside down,so am happy to bid it farewell , and it is not a fond one either.

How was it for you?

No year can be exactly the same, we have gains in some and we suffer losses and face disappointments in others, but we pick ourself up and move on,on our onward journey ,to face another challenge, and savour our triumphs ,if we are lucky to have them.

WE do have triumphs,however trivial they might seem! Some quit smoking, some overcome a fear and some make up with friends or relatives. These all are triumphs. For me there have been many this year.

I have driven on the motorway for the first time, albeit with a driving instructor! And drove an automatic car for the first time in my life!

I have booked myself a holiday and am about to go on a long trip to somewhere I have never been!

I now manage all the finances, household chores and whatever comes through the door,and make all the decisions on my own.

So how was/is this year has been for you and what have you liked or disliked ?

Do tell.


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