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Hello there!

So I have arrived! In Thailand,oh but,how; I must tell about how I got here too!

Well against my better judgement I took a coach to Heathrow the day before leaving,thinking it will be less stressful just to arrive at the terminal and not carry the luggage with me from Paddington onwards.


First of  all the leg room on the coach was so little I sat trussed up like a turkey in the seat. And behind me were two ladies of a certain age ,who talked incessantly and loudly. Monty Python used to have two women similar to them in their sketches,they called them “Pepper Pots” somehow a fitting description I thought , And why oh why some older women think it is necessary to be frivolous and noisy to be noticed? I didn’t think there was call for questioning the type and colour of the drivers underpants? But hey everyone to their own.

Having been deposited at the departures terminal, I had to find my way to a form of transport ,so I could get to my hotel ,where I have booked a room. It is a rather nice hotel and says the journey time from the airport is 8 minutes. Lugging my baggage I took myself to the information desk to ask where was the stop for the “hotel hoppers” or the courtesy coaches was.

There was a rather sour looking woman  on the reception.

Excuse me” I began.

What”? She said without looking up.

And then she waved her hand vaguely in a general direction ,to suggest I should go and look for the signs, and then suggested that she can arrange a taxi for me ‘for  “£29 pounds”.

I swallowed hard twenty nine pounds? I have been many times to that hotel, when we travelled before,and a taxi has never been more than eight pounds, and the hotel hopper costs £4.

I muttered something resembling no thanks and walked away,but wondered if a new comer to London who would not know the facts will be in for fleecing,no wonder they call it “rip off Britain”.

More evidence of it was in the hotel,when I asked if Wi-Fi was available,I was told that it will be £ 15, for 24 hours. And even Heathrow airport allows just 45 minutes of internet. Whereas here,the internet is available, powerful and FREE.

Checking in the hotel was a bit daunting,I have never checked into a hotel on my own,and so was going down to have something to eat. This was a 5 star hotel,and they told me their Ala carte restaurants was closed for “Christmas”,I could have the bar food,or a buffet for £20, I did opt for the buffet ,it was uncomfortable,being there on my own,among the couples and the families. But it was the first time and I did it !

The flight was over subscribed. They have joined with Air Canada and were filling one 747,the queue for checking in was reaching the main entrance of T3, obviously everyone has had the idea of going to Thailand to get away from January.

I tried to upgrade to premium economy , the lady said ;they were full from first class onwards,all seats of upper class were taken,

Did someone say there was a recession?

The flight was non-stop to Bangkok, so nearly 11 hours of very uncomfortable flying.

And then another two hours wait before flying to my destination. One thing I did notice at Bangkok airport,there are water fountains ever few yards,and water bottles are not  sold,why can’t we do this? You are parched unless you purchase a bottle at highly inflated price from the shop after security.Oh and Bangkok airport is gleaming and immaculate.I arrived there around 6am the next day, local time.

And then there was a wait for two hours.

My flight was delayed as there was “fog” on Chianmai.

And there I was thinking I left it behind.

Anyway the sun came out and I landed and was whisked away in the hotel car and when I offered to pay,I was told it was free! After being told that it will cost £30 to go a few yards in London,and this was an hours journey.

And no the place is not expensive, am probably paying for a week here, what I paid for one night for my stay in London.

So today after a wonderful massage, a herbal steam room am already beginning to feel renewed.

Here are some pictures for you ,of where I am.

MY massive bedroom, marble floors huge windows and two double beds! With air conditioning and a massive t.v. Which I shall not watch.


A building which looks very much like my ancestral house in India.

 My balcony ,surrounded by plants,very conducive to the creative process, Bleda if you are reading this I might even write a story,fingers crossed!

Various Frangipani trees dotted around!

A blue water lily ,by the swimming pool ,where there is a very tranquil spot under a gazebo,where I can sit in complete silence,apart from bird song, which also greets my mornings.

A tranquil spot by the pool.

I have been like a kid in a sweet shop, walking around the garden ,touching the flowers and smelling them and photographing them, I can post many more pictures but I think I have exceeded my limit for pictures and may be for your patience too!

Oh and the weather is great,this being in the north, and in the hilly area,there is none of the humidity or the heat,the temperature is is between 18-21, rather pleasant I think.



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