A post card from the sun!

It is a week already that I have been here, time does fly when you are enjoying yourself!

It is an interesting place on many levels. It is a hotel and not a hotel, if that is possible. It is run by the whole family,who are friendly,obliging and always smiling. Nothing seems too much trouble. The laundry disappears from the room and turns up the next day ,beautifully washed ,ironed and packed in a plastic bag, the sheets and the towels are changed every day,with fresh towels folded in fancy shapes at the bottom of the bed. The marble floors in the room are polished to a mirror finish every morning and the mini fridge in my room replenishes  itself with fresh water bottles. Food is cooked to order, fresh seafood and the vegetables are gathered from the garden. There are massive solar things which provide the piping hot water and all the bulbs are energy savers.

You do not sign every time you eat or drink, the am told meticulously  write down everything, I think a week will cost me a fraction of what I pay back home in my electricity , heating and the food. And it is all done for me without any effort.

The owners are Buddhists, a firm believer in doing good. There are various orphanages patronised, the red cross helped and they sponsor students , from poor families into education. The owners sister has been selling her lovely paintings on the face book, and from the money raised she has bought a whole lot of warm clothing, food, essentials and little luxury items and has driven into the hills, where the very poor tribes live to distribute them.

So you see, we , or rather I get a warm glow that while am sunning myself , my money is being put to a good cause too. The people here seem very concerned about their Karma, their next incarnation. Well if the fear of it keeps them behaving well in this life then am all for it!

The other day we visited the Kings garden. A massive place, where various countries have donated their own traditional gardens. UK is among them ,and so the US and Canada and other countries. A unique concept I though.

An absolute oasis of colour and plants which take your breath away. Their gardening must be effortless! What with the lovely climate , it is a doodle,says she enviously!

Your eyes never tire of taking the colour and symmetry in.

Yesterday we went for lunch to a university restaurant called fish and salad. Where the students cook and serve and the money goes to the college. An amazingly green and pleasant place. Huge dishes of crisply fried fresh prawns,and even fresher salad kept coming. They do not serve alcohol apart tom beer and freshly squeezed juices. And I think it cost us (there were six of us) around £2.50 each!

I have not yet seen an obese person, every one is slim, and women are really petite,with curves in the right places and look stunning in their fitted jackets and sarongs.

We also took in a visit to the silk factory.

We saw the process of the silk worm eggs being hatched and then the cocoons and the cocoons being boiled to extract the silk. Though I felt so sorry for the cocoons being boiled, the end result was magnificent, the feel and colours of the pure silk , bowled  me over. I bought some ; the dressmaker in me itching to turn it into something wearable.

I love just wandering in the garden, watching the papayas ripening on the trees and the squirrels (which are much darker and smaller and look more like a chipmunk) feed on the bananas left out for them. The pace of life just slows down,my mind seems to empty itself and i sit in the garden for ages,either reading  or writing things on my computer.

I hope you all are well, am sorry to hear of the bad weather and the floods back home, am thinking of all of you.

Here are a few more images to brighten your day.



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