Food and other things!

food is a very essential part of any holiday, actually it is the most important part for some. I have not thought about it much,because I am trying not to grow any more! But I must admit that the variety and the presentation of food here has really impressed me here..

The food here in the hotel is freshly cooked for you, you can choose whatever you wish to eat ,it is clean ,tasty and cheap. But the variety available in this little town is staggering.

We went to a restaurant  which is named ‘the mock jungle” in Thai. Though there is nothing mock about it,it really is a beautifully and thoughtfully forest planted on a very large piece of land.

This is the entrance, you walk through a barrage of beautiful orchids in many colours.

ferns, various plants and a huge lake and a waterfall.

The atmosphere there was one of a real oasis, calm, tranquil and green.

Food is very imaginative, everything is used, vegetables are cooked very lightly ,so as not to spoil their taste.

Yesterday we went to a Tea House. Where English tea,is served with dainty cucumber sandwiches, beautiful china and a sumptuous cakes and pastries in a lovely tiered china plates. Like having tea at the Ritz in London, but not with the same prices!

Yesterday the tea house was packed. Families and couple and children, all enjoying afternoon tea, and tea can be had in many guises! Cold or hot. I had a rice and jasmine tea! A pale golden liquid in a tall glass,with sticks containing grape and melon on top. A surprisingly refreshing brew for a sunny afternoon.

The food stuff is not expensive, vegetables are often given away to friends and neighbours as most have a kitchen garden, but the imagination shown in cooking and presenting them in the most appetising way is remarkable. I have learnt a few tricks, and hope to practice more of this cooking when back home.

So the moral of the story is that you do not need expensive ingredients to cook appetising meals, presentation plays a huge part. Perhaps because people are still into cooking and presenting food, no microwaves or ready meals here.Carrots are never just served as carrots, they are sliced with fluted edges and curled into the shape of a flower,with some green herb to show off their colour. Am yet to eat anything which looks un appetising.

The weather of course remains superb for me, not too hot, in the evenings it is a bit chilly, but during the day there is wall to wall sunshine, skies an infinite blue, and you can sit and gaze at them and think of the infinite possibilities life might hold for you.

I have never had a holiday like this, getting to know the locals and getting into the heart of the country’s culture is a wonderful experience, way above the sight seeings I have been doing so far.

I hope I will learn some things too, as every culture has something worth imitating.

The “jungle restaurant”










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