A winter warmer!

In February when people say there is no colour in the garden ,we wait and long for it to arrive.

I have not been in my garden since January, having been away the whole month and then being down with flu for the past week or so I felt downright miserable, if not a tad sorry for myself.This is the first time I thought, am ill and all alone, and so on and so forth. Negative thoughts do pull you down and breed like rabbits!

This morning the sun is shining and after a shower I thought I will go out in the garden and look around. The furniture is strewn around by the wind and the bird table was lying on its side.

I have been sulking indoors for many days now and would not have seen what the garden had in store for me. This at the far end of the garden just took my breath away.

The iris bulbs I have planted back in October and have forgotten about them, now there are two blue pots full of them ,gleaming in the spring (well almost) sun , like Sapphires.

And then there was other beauties to see, who says this month lacks colour?


and my Daphne is about to burst into a riot of colour and perfume too.

Recent Horizon programme talked about the placebo effect and how successful it can be in healing , so seeing these plants, especially the two blue pots waiting to greet me I was blown over, I felt as if my garden was welcoming me and willing me to be better, flowers for the sick , so to speak!

So I certainly am on the road to recovery,thank you my garden.

Thought I will share it with all of you.

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