Social Engineering

A report conducted by Oxford university has concluded that people who Asians who live in predominantly  segregated Asian areas ,as less tolerant, prejudiced and inward looking.

Really? We didn’t need a report to tell us, those of us who have not lived (voluntarily ) in such areas and seen this phenomena first hand could have ,and have been telling them for a while.

The fact that you only listen,interact and live with like minded people is bound to restrict and narrow your point of view. It creates a false sense of security, that it is good/safe to live with the people of your own kind, and that everyone else outside this enclave is either inferior or is hostile. As a result we see the no go areas ,in various parts of the country and if nothing else ,it angers and widens the gulf which already exists between the immigrant and the indigenous  population.

Immigration is one of those subjects on which there never will be a consensus. There are those who sing the praises,tell us this the best thing which has ever happened to Great Britain,and then there are those who are vehement about this issue,nothing will convince them otherwise.

And then there are politicians.

Like the NHS, immigrations and the issues surrounding it are always thrown out for debate before and during elections. I suspect that the truth is somewhere in-between ,but it will be a brave politician who will admit to it. And none of us feel at liberty to say what we feel about any of these issues.

What have the policies of the various governments have done to resolve this? Probably nothing.

A country like Singapore has quotas for social housing. They limit the number of people from the same community/ religion living in a certain area. Intrusive yes, but it probably stops ghettos. Which are full of contention. It stops people learning the language,getting to know the country they have come to live in, and of course it stops the indigenous  people getting to know, as to exactly what the new comers are about.

It probably will not solve all the problems, but may be the provision of social housing can be engineered to some extent so we do not have more ghettos?

Do you think it is social engineering?

Perhaps,would you agree to it?


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