Grumpy Old woman

It seems am turning into one!

Am beginning to get very irritated with the faux chumminess shown by all and sundry these days. Why oh why shop keepers, phone service providers and others insist on calling me with my first name , when I introduce myself as mrs so and so?

Orange are the worst culprits. You ring up because you have some problem with your phone/billing or whatever,and the other voice chirps up with hiya Sabrina”!

There is no R in it ,am Sabina’ I groan.

She chirps away, every few seconds repeating my name. it is perhaps some new business training which teaches them to call people with their first name and keep repeating it to prove how friendly you are.

Am afraid it has the opposite effect on me. I want to shout out loud to ask them to stop this chumminess.

There was a time when asked for permission before addressing someone with their first name. At least I did and all of us nurses did.

I have recently changed from orange to EE for my new phone and its contract. when I was shopping around ,what sold me to EE was the way the men spoke to me on the phone. They are based in Ireland,and apart from their delicious irish accent ,they throughout addressed me as Mrs A. Where as Orange has their call centres in India and Sri Lanka I presume , and the very juvenile  operators insist on being over friendly.

I just had a phone call from the local jewellers, I have given them broken items for repair ,and she proceeded to address me as “Sabrina”!

God ;I do not want my name distorted nor do I want people I have barely spoken to,address me as such.

So where does this trend comes from and do you find it irritating too? Or am I being unreasonable?

I wonder what else irritate you?


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