Should we be angry?

Last night there was a report on C4 news as well as on Newsnight, the first wife ( now divorced) of the King of Saudi Arabia, she was divorced as she only produced four daughters and no sons, and she now lives in London in exile.

Four very beautiful daughters I must add.

This lady was trying to draw the worlds attention to the fact that the young girls,all now in their 20s ,are being held in a palace against their will,by their father no less, the ageing king of the Saudi Arabia.

The mother alleged that one of the girls is suffering with anorexia, and needs immediate  medical attention. The girls want to visit their mother in London but are not allowed to leave the country.

So they are also being denied their human rights,if there is such a thing , to see their mother/

I remember once being involved in a question and answer session ,with the then Home secratory David Milliband , on the question of invading Afghanistan,and him saying with great passion that one of the reason for invading that country was to give women “their human rights and end the oppression of women there”1

We can get haughty and invade a country for womens rights,but we can not even take notice of this case,can’t even put a question to the embassy for this case?

The embassy replied to News night that this was a “personal matter” and they did not comment on personal matter1

Hang on, if the King keeps these women in captivity that is a private matter? We are told that they are trying to improve the conditions for women and come into the 20th century( I know we are in the 21st century,but it will take another 100 years for them to think about that).

If the king behaves in this way, does this not set a president? Does it not make it all right for the ordinary men in that country to do likewise?

I think it was brave of C4 and Newsnight to do this item, no other news media has made much of it.

And to think we have just made a big deal of celebrating womens day!

Well should we be angry?

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