The Internet


A blog on the main site asked this question,

The internet magnifies the good and bad sides of our behaviour. What are we going to do about it?


The internet was 25 year old this month, its founder perhaps would not have imagined as to what it will become, or indeed what it has become.

I see that the famous author,Richard Dawkins is in trouble for being abusive on twitter. We all know about the wife of the Speaker of the Commons, Sally Bercow who libelled herself by making defamatory comments about someone.

Ministers, MPs and film stars a lot of them have disgraced themselves by saying things, losing their temper and being “bad” on the internet.

It has given us instant gratification,we can find out anything with a click,we can chat to people thousands of miles away,sand we can share pictures instantaneously , on the whole it has made our life easy and productive for us.

And of course it has allowed people like me to write what  I fancy, and get the gratification like people from across the world can read it, I know for sure that Tony D does and he is New Zealand , Cheech and Quinx from the USA and who knows who else! Thanks Gentlemen!!!

What do you think ,what is your experience and do you think it is a good thing?

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