Day of Happiness!

Did you know tomorrow is the international day of happiness?

Nor did I, until the local BBC phoned me and asked what my take was on this issue. They are doing a phone in tomorrow and wondered if I would like to have an input!

I didn’t know that there was such a thing.

The next question was ,does money makes us happy? Am not sure, of course it is good to have some, but obviously having loads a money doesn’t make you happy and contended,otherwise why would we have celebrities like Michael Jackson and Elvis will seek it in drugs? They obviously were looking for something.

There are a lot of statements on the internet, as to what makes people happy. From playing with kittens and baby tortoises , to hiking and skiing  , the sound of rain and the feeding of the poor, there are very many things which make people happy.

I wouldn’t say that money is not important at all, am content because i do not have to worry about how am going to make ends meet, but what makes me really happy is being with my grand children, being fit enough to run and play with them, coming across a plant, I thought is dead, and seeing it have new buds on, when I unexpectedly come across an old friend and so son.

How about you?

By the way am off to Mexico on Friday morning with a girl friend, a trip which was booked two years ago, put on hold and now revived. Am not yet excited or jumping with joy, going on holiday now is very different and tinged with sadness, but I have to get on with life.

Am looking forward to seeing a new country and all those amazing sights.

I might even blog from there, it stops me feeling home sick.

Anyway what makes you happy and is there any sense in celebrating a day for ?

May be you will give me some tips !

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