Am here folks!

We swooped down from the skies like a big bird on the city of Mexico. As the BA flight descended all I could see was a maze roofs and houses,with the occasional glimpse of a green patch. Very densely packed .

I have not flown BA for a long time,so have not seen terminal five since it was completed. It is shine , quieter and very efficient. A place to really feel proud of the airline which carries the flag. As the terminal caters for just BA’s passengers it is not as over crowded, the toilets are spacious and immaculate Staff are not stressed and are friendly and courteous. The take off and landing was so smooth and elegant that am in love with pilots(again!).

Getting out of the airport and the customs and collecting our luggage at Mexico took a lot longer. We met up with our tour operator and others, there are 32 in our group, I have never been on an organised holiday,so am still not sure what to expect.

The traffic from the airport was dense is an understatement, it was crawling ,it was the rush hour too. Police cars a are two a penny.every few yards you see own in the middle of the traffic lanes with the cops either shouting at someone or god alone knows what they do, I have never seen so many blue/red flashing lights in the middle of the traffic. The police are of course fully armed.

We spent the day today, visiting the national museum, one the largest of its kind. With Aztec, Mayan and other artefacts. Very interesting but a great deal of similarity with the Egyptian ritual and myths.

Driving through the outskirts of the city and the other places ,Mexico is  not a pretty sight. Tin shacks and houses built every where, rubbish and poverty is very evident. The area where our hotel is , is a bit sanitised. Police seems everywhere, armed and menacing.They seem to constantly roam with flashing lights, even if they are parked, their lights are on their cars /motorbikes. This country must spend a hell of a lot on the placing. They approach drivers and demand all sorts of documents, and on the slightest of  mistake , and they are given summons, but if they give the police a “donation”, they are let off.

Am sure they run their department on these “donations”!

Mexico also has the highest number of tall (ugly) buildings in the western hemisphere.  Most of the place looks like a concrete jungle. After the lush greenery of Thailand, This seems a bit of a let down.

People though are lovely, ready to smile and help you , and willing to give their time and friendship.

Hope you all are well, we are going to the next place tomorrow on this tour and will let you know more.

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