The Pyramids

Last Sunday we went to the pyramids of the sun and the moon, or as they are called, the temples of the sun and the moon.

It is such a barren landscape; there are no trees or a shelter anywhere. The 200 steps, which take you to the top are very steep and un –even, and there are no hand rails or any safety features, but this doesn’t stop the masses from climbing right up to the top. Practically everyone from our group climbed up, and as it was a free day for the locals, they turned up en mass,  whole families, all three to four generations of them , with infants swaddled in blankets in the sweltering heat and made for the top.





I have discovered that people of my age and much older are very fit , well travelled and very well informed. There are very diverse professions here and people from all over the UK are in this group. Most have been many times on such tours, some have been round the world twice! It seems these days as you reach retirement age or retire, you take to travel!

On Monday we packed our bags again and were picked up at 8am, for a long journey to Oxaca , which is some 3000 feet above the sea level.  On route, we  stopped at the Colonial town of Pueblo, beautiful place with fantastic buildings, decorated with wonderful tiles, a lot of Italian influence. A very ornate Cathedral, and a very nice town square, with fountains and trees. All the churches and cathedrals here, have tons of gold in their ceiling and altars, still the masses who pray in them are very poor. From the shrine of Guadalupe  , it is not unusual to find old ladies sitting outside the churches, begging for food and money.

After spending two nights in Oxaca we set off for san Cristobal.  The journey is mountainous , hairpin bends and both sides of the road topped by huge mountains, with giddying valleys  to look down into. It is remarkable how different the scenery is , as you travel through the country. Which we are doing, we are travelling nearly 1/3rd of the country, from Mexico city to down to the Caribbean  resort of Cancun.

It is hot and today we went to the Mayan ruins, it was so humid that I felt I might melt away!


Will tell you about it later!




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