The Sun and the Sights

So here I am, on the 16th day of my travel, and ready to fly home tomorrow.

We arrived in the seaside resort of Cancun on tuesday evening. It is beautiful, and we have booked extra four nights and 3days here.It is warm but there is a constant breeze here.

Here is a picture which I took with my phone! I never knew it has such a good camera!

Am unable to load pictures on this page for some reason! Shame that,I will try again later.

Any way we have travelled 2000,Km ,from Mexico city to Cancun, making 1-2 night stops in hotels in the towns of interest and chosen by the tour guides. WE visited the Aztec, Mayan and other remains. Visited some really beautiful sites, went up nearly  3000 feet above the sea lever and came down to this seaside resort which is a rich man’s playground. Beautiful and scenic though it is, I wouldn’t have liked to have spent a longtime here, three days are fine with me.

Mexico is a city of contrasts, its history is very rich, it has preserved its past very well and gets a lot of foriegn exchange  by showing them off. The Mayans were very advanced ,their temples and observatories are amazingly well designed and have stood the test of the time.

There are 32 of us on this tour, and the next group consists of 37 people who are arriving here next week.  These are mostly retired or semi retired Brits, am astonished at their travelling/spending power. They all talk of the various countries they have “done” and are going to be doing,some this year.

Though I did enjoy traveling ,but am longing to be home! To me there is just as much pleasure in lounging around in my garden, probably am not ambitious,and though I shouldn’t but I do think of my children’s inheritance! I feel a bit reluctant to fly around every few months, while they are working hard and struggling with work life balance.

Cancun where I am ! Taken by my iPhone!
The Tule Tree, it is alleged to be 2000 years old, its stem is as wide as a small car, and the branches are full of beautiful birds.
Mayan temples, one of their observatory has been designated the newest 8th wonder of the world.

The sun is very hot from 9am onwards. The capacity of some westerners to bake and burn themselves in the sun all day,amazes me. Because I have brown skin people expect me to be a sun worshipper! I was brought up in India to avoid the midday sun like the plague! You went to school early and got back by midday, and never ventured out until the sun was going down. it turned your skin leathery and darker, a sure sign of being a poor labourer!

The people here are quite stocky,especially the women, men are shorter and stoker too. I didn’t find anyone I could stand nd stare at, but men certainly do take notice,if you are a woman!!

Anyway hope you all are well and am glad to be coming home.




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