Mexico; my impressions

I got back home last night, after a marathon of nearly travelling for 24 hours!

We were in the beach resort of Concun for the last four nights of our trip. The only time we have stayed for that length of time during our trip. Mostly we stayed overnight and were on the road again, quite tiring but I was repeatedly told that was the only way to see a country,and probably it was.

The others in our group were quite used to this kind of excursion, as our American tour manager kept barking at us ,that this was “not a vacation” but an excursion and we have to “work hard at it”!

I wondered at times,if one wanted such details of a country and its people,and how much of it will we retain? But the seasoned fellow travellers were very adept at it, they listened ,made notes and lapped up the daily walks and talks in the burning sun ; the unpronounceable names and copiously photographed everything many times over. Some even took pictures of their food, their rooms ;everything in fact which was on show.

I also discovered that as a single woman now ,i have become quite threatening  to some wives! For example I was asking a fellow traveller  who has been an electronics engineer, about how the wi-fi was made available in remote areas of the world! He very kindly proceeded to explain and I could see his wife’s discomfort and decided to move away. It did amuse me though, I never knew I have the power  of seduction anymore!

The scenery was breathtaking at times. Travelling from Mexico city to the mountains and the town of St Cristobal, which is some 3000 feet above the sea level. The journey there was winding and we looked down at very deep valleys and chasms. Miles and miles of green majestic peaks on the horizon and the sloping hills covered in beautiful trees .

Mexico is a city built on a lake,parts of it are sinking slowly, they have a “sinking Cathedral”,where you can see it slightly leaning to one side. The area is prone to earthquakes too, I was a bit surprised to hear that the city has the tallest buildings in the whole of the Western hemisphere,they obviously know what they are doing.

I was impressed by the Mayan community,when we visited them in the village of Zinacantan. The temple was strewn with pine branches and their customs and rituals seemed to be from the middle ages. They were very weary of us , the visitors. The kept watching us, and if anyone even reached for their camera ,they were stopped and their camera searched to see if they have captured anything.They have stuck to their culture,custom and religion,and resent any outside influence. Perhaps that is the only way to preserve  your way of life,but you do miss out ,and they obviously do not mind being poor.

Every place we visited, had clothes stalls or women selling some form of craft. They produce cotton and make some really lovely outfits. Some of those you see in the chain stores here,of course at a much higher price.

Coming back, we left Concun on Saturday morning and arrived in London on Sunday afternoon at 2pm. And I got home at about 7.30 last night. There was a 5 hour wait at Mexico airport. I have never seen an airport with so many shops, it has many levels and each level had hundreds of “duyfree shops” ,no I couldn’t make out as to why the T was missed out !

I loved the people though, those Brits who were on the tour, they were all friendly,kind and we had a great community spirit and looked after each other, the Mexican people  all had a ready smile ,whatever the circumstances, and were willing and helpful.






Ad I came home to this welcome from my conservatory, the Bird of Paradise still in full bloom,since November, the Lemon tree with blossom and the Amaryllis  fully open and the geraniums  flowering their heart out.

It indeed is a wonderful world!





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