Innocent until proven…


Nigel Evans MP has been cleared of all blame today, the allegations of sexual misconduct could not be proven and he was free to go.

Bearing in mind that these,and similar allegations were made,after the Jimmy Saville (not sure of the spelling) case came to light.

No one wants to distract from the plight of those who were molested and abused by real predators,but there has been a string of such allegations since ,against many rich and famous names. The DJ , Lee Travis was also found not guilty,but these cases have cost millions to us the tax payers, not forgetting the agony and anguish the accused and their families have suffered.

This has become another of those PC problem,where no one wants to say that such cases should be scrutinised before they go for the prosecution. The Crown Prosecution Service seems too ready to try these allegations as they are made.

We can not lay the whole blame on the CPS’s door,as there is a hue and cry if they do not act swiftly. As in the case of Nigel Evans MP. the private lives of the accused are rolled out for all to see, police go through al their personal belongings and their whole life is in the public domain.

It must be so awful, especially when you know that you are not guilty.

I agree that if it is my daughter/friend who is making the accusation, I too will be outraged and would want it investigated,so where does one draw a lone?

Should the CPS proceed with caution ,if there has been a high profile case like that of Jimmy Savile ,and not start prosecutions?

There ,of curse will be a hue and cry and some genuine cases of abuse might go un punished.

So what is the best course of action? Any ideas?




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