How men dress…or don’t !

A theme park has just banned men baring their torso, or taking their shirts off and showing their chest! It is not clear though that the rule applies to women too, but then again women,well most of them do not want to bare their chest in public, or to be precise in theme parks!

It started a few years ago, and now a hint of sunshine and warmth and you see men stripping off! Chests and bellies of all shapes,sizes and hirsutness are on display,and some of them are surely not a pretty site.

Before you accuse me of sexual discrimination ,I accept that there are many women too who can do with cover up, that some cleaveges  are better covered up,and so are some legs.

Seriously though, should we ,a free country can dictate how people dress? Is it not a bit self righteous  to say that the way dress is the right one and others should modify their behaviour?

None of us will stand for it,so why should some men, who take delight in showing us their body hair, man boobs, beer belly or whatever can’t do it in a theme park?

After all we have freedom of dress ,women can wear,buruas, cover their faces ,wear a head scarf or whatever they wish to,we do not police that when why should we ban men from stripping off ?

Should we have a national dress code? Where men wore Fedoras or Panamas, a tie and a jacket, and all women turned up in proper dresses?

I would like to know how we on this site feel about it!



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