Hello there

Hope you have had a good week.

I have been otherwise engaged! First of all I had decided to turn one bathroom into a shower room, getting rid of the bath and other stuff and have a new suite with a shower cubicle. I have a plumber who has worked for us for the last 15 years or so,so he is doing it. It still meant me looking around and finding things like tiles and flooring,lights etc;

The tiles were interesting. I wanted a certain turquoise ,and looking high and low I came across some in one of the usual chain DIY stores. As the builder wanted either 150×150 or 200×200,( it seems the small ones do get mould easily in the joints in a shower room), they were hugely expensive. The area required was costing me something in the region of £780. Ouch!

I looked on the internet , and found the same tiles in a company who solely deal on the internet. I looked and found the same tiles @ 45P each, where as elsewhere they were £5 each. I ordered and they were delivered promptly and on the appointed day,and look lovely.

When the bath was removed , we found a bottle of some herbal pills, meant for “mental alertness”! Obviously they weren’t as whoever was putting the bath in has left them behind and fixed the bath panel. Wonder if he had any memory of it!

And then I have sorted my front garden , getting rid of the patch of lawn,shadowed by a prickly , over grown conifer. It cuts my moving time too. And has given me the chance to put the roses,I have grown over the years from the cuttings of the bouquets given to me on mothers day by my children.And it also shows off the rose bush I bought for my late husband , a few years ago. It is a David Austin rose and has the most magnificent scent.

These are the roses from that bush, I took this picture the first year it flowered.

And here is my new bed,not much t look at but am sure will improve with age!

So how was your week?

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