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What the stars say…

Well I have never been the one to consult astrologers ,or have my fortune told,but I read the horoscope pages of the sunday papers.Just for fun and sometimes things happen ,as have been hinted in those pages, I put it down to coincidence.

Mind you I was born in a country(India) ,which gives astrology great importance. No govt; decisions are taken,things like the date of a general election or anything important,without the resident astrologer consulting his charts and advising on the precise auspicious day and time.

Even though India today is sending missions to the stars,it still steeped in in such beliefs and traditions. My Dad , who was scathing about all things religious and superstitious,was a big believer that someone called Cairo( no idea) who has written a lot about the world affairs and predicted wars and disasters ,was the biggest prophet of such things and that most of his predictions have come true!

Anyway this weekend when i was reading the Sunday papers,Telegraph and the Sunday Times,I was intrigued and a bit alarmed to find similarities in my horoscope.

The Telegraph said”; With so much action in the skies,you could be tempted to abandon certain project” it went on to add;”important changes triggered by planetary action in the week ahead are on the horizon,so take a flexible approach to the future and be prepared to rethink long term plans'”.

If that was not enough ,the Sunday Times wrote; ” While you are busily re-organising your life(spooky) ,destiny in the form of Tuesday’s eclipsed new moon, is about to take a hand in the process.It suggests the basis on which your plans are based will shift- profoundly. While what you encounter and who you meet is may raise numerous questions now, their long term influence will transform your life”.



So it is a bit spooky that they both talk of this change! There are similarities between them.What I want to know is have any of you have ever found that such predictions come true? Do any of you believe in these things,and is there any truth in them?

And should I be spooked, alarmed or over joyed with anticipation?

Meanwhile I will keep you informed if something did happen! So let us call it an experiment!

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