Here We Go Again!

Ah , there is another fury about Jeremy Clarkson , the Top Gear presenter,you know the man who makes his living by being controversial, winding people up and thus upping his viewing figures,was said to have uttered the N word, some two years ago, in a recording of the programme. There were more than three takes, in one of them he is said to have have muttered it. He was quoting the rhyme ,”eniee meenie miney mo” or whatever it is and it seems it has a the word in it.

Now Clarkson has released a grovelling, rambling apology.

This morning the BBC’s Asian network, and FiveLive, radio stations did a phone in and there were a lot of irate callers ,calling for Clarkson’s blood.

One caller even suggested that the BBC has started this furore so they can sack Clarkson!  I thought this programme was a cash cow for the Beeb, why would they want to get rid of him?

I would like to draw the the BBC’s attention to the blogs, comments on sites like this and other newspapers, where the BBC is becoming a laughing stock. Their political correctness ,and dumbing down is now legendary ,according to at least this blogsite. And so it is said their left wing bias.

Good manners and consideration is one thing, constantly looking for things which might cause offence is mischief making.

It amazes me how stories become top rated and go round and round in the media, the hype gets spun to death,when you dissect it, there is hardly any substance to it ,but everyone has an opinion on it.

For example;

1. This happened some two years ago.

2. it was a one take of many, he says he muttered it ,but it was not recorded. It was part of a nursery rhyme, once it was a title of a book by Agatha Christie.

3. It was never broadcast.

4. He at the time wrote to the producer to make sure that take is not included.

5. Someone has dug up the tape and there the story is splashers all over the media.

6. He has apologised.

Can there be anything more mindless and idiotic to go on about?

Oh dear oh dear!


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