Look on the bright side …

“Remember when we were children and we could play outside all day, everyone had a job and the news was not constant doom and gloom” we hear ourselves say.

A recent MORI poll revealed that a significant 61% of us think that life in Britain is getting worse.

Add to this the economic misery,global warming,the 24 hour media reporting constantly the atrocities, murders and terrorism. Elections bring about more tales of woe,as the political parties try to outdo each other , by telling us how bad things are, and if we voted for them, how much better it all will be!

Though it seems certain things were better in the past.

It seems people respected each other, no one was obese due to eating junk food or was burnt out due to stress,and children of course played outside all day.

Now despite all our modern technology,labour saving devices ,and treatment for almost everything, we all are going to hell in a hand cart, that future is depressing and things just aren’t what they used to be.

The word “nostalgia” it seems is derived from Greek “nosto’ meaning to “return home”.

We long for  safe heaven and there is nowhere safer than the past. It can not be changed ,we can look at it longingly and feel better.

Things are bad, but they have always been, never was a time when life was full of roses,apart from in our memory,which is selective.

Here are some good things,which are still happening!

There is still honesty. Did you hear of the students in New York,who found $40,000 in an old sofa they bought and handed the money over to the authorities. Remember they were students, and must be broke as most students are,but still did the right thing.

People still jump into swollen rivers, burning buildings and exploding cars to save total strangers.

There ARE honest politicians, decent dedicated doctors,nurses and even NHS managers ,who care deeply for their charges and work very hard,but we do not hear about them.

There is a huge number of young people,who are hard working, honest and polite.

We all are much better off,than we were say 50 years ago, we ave so many mod cons and gadgets to make our lives easy, these things were not even thought about in the past.

Not all companies,workers are lazy and over charge. I have had a lot of work done in and around the house, employing small local firms. Their cost has been reasonable, they have worked hard,and have taken pride in their work,just like in the olden days! Promise.

And to top it all ,the weather is getting better, the garden are blooming,and there is nothing in the world to beat a British summer and garden.


Here is one of my roses for you.



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