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WW is a lady who used to blog here, she wrote fun blogs and is a fun person. She left because there was one female blogger here who hounded here,criticised everything she wrote and generally created unpleasantness.

However she still writes about things on her Facebook page, i think this piece is rather good, and can provoke discussion here. Lately we have been reduced to rather fewer and less interesting blogs. And blogs which attract no comments, or just create personal arguments.

So here it goes.


This has been bothering me for a while … why is it that sexism is OK when it’s instigated by women?

Take that CocaCola advert on TV for example … the one where a group of women are watching, nay, ogling the guy mowing the lawn and rolls down a can of Coke and watch him take his T-shirt off … now, if that was a group of men doing the same to a woman, all the strident feminist groups will be up in arms.

As for the sexism row over the private, yes private, e-mails of Mr Scudamore … the temporary PA only made them public seven months later when she lost her job … so she kept them with a view to using them for her own ends … I was unfortunate enough to watch the interview she gave on breakfast TV … she said she was shocked and distressed and blah, blah, blah … sorry, no I’m not sorry in saying this, but she had an agenda and don’t even make me point out her ethnic origin … I can’t believe she’s actually found herself another job … I would never employ her! Now all the PC brigade are jumping on the wagon.

What about the issue of violence … it seems it’s OK when the violence is by women … why is it that no one is asking for Solange Knowles to be prosecuted for her attack on JayZ? If that was JayZ hitting her, the whole world will be in uproar and asking for his head. It was a vicious physical attack and yet no one bats an eyelid? Yes it was private and obviously JayZ isn’t going to press charges but had it been the other way round, everyone will still be screaming for justice for her, whether or not she reports it.

I agree with her ,what do you think? 


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