A Cautionary Tale

Am quite a careful person.

I never open emails from people I don’t know and run a virus check regularly,but I succumbed to a scam thous morning.

A few days ago I received an email from the address of a lady,who was at medical school with my late husband. We have not had contact since last year, when she told me that her husband was not very well, she also promised to come and visit me this summer, she lives in Birmingham.

Her email said “have left you five voicemail messages’.

As she is a bit forgetful,I thought she is leaving messages at some different number,and replied to her with my mobile number,asking her to call me.

This morning as I came down and checked my phone, there was a message from her saying “sign on to get your voice mail messages”, I should have clicked then, as my phone never asks me to do something like that, but I had just work up and was not very alert,I signed in with my AOL password. It took me to some rubbish email, I realised,and went to my computer to change my password, meanwhile it has sent emails from my account to quite a few of my contacts.

This was a new way of hacking,my apologies to those of you who write to me ,if you have received  this mail, please change your password and be careful, it seems there are novel ways of enticing us to become a victim of these idiots.

Please share if you have been a victim of any such scam, the more information we share, the more cautious we can be,

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