We are ALL Racists.

So says a survey that a lot of us admit to being racist, and hey the breast beating has begun!

The radio stations this morning were at it, (sorry i started to write this blog yesterday and then had to go and something else), taking phone calls and every news paper has probably something to say about it.

In my opinion ,we all are to some extent prejudiced in one way or other, There are times when we see something and the immediate reaction is negative, that doesn’t mean that I hate that person/race/ culture.

It is not possible for any of us to remain on our super fantastic behaviour all the time, courteous, tolerant and good mannered, the human condition doesn’t allow it. emotions differ, it is not possible to remain the perfect example of humanity all of the time.

Racism , the word though has become something else in this country. It was well and good to raise awareness by passing laws, in the days when there was total ignorance on the issue. The “NO Blacks and Irish” signs were borne out of ignorance and a fear of those who were in some way different to the rest.

But what has happened due to the laws, is an industry has started to “prevent racism”. This country of ours is a victim of so many laws, and instructions as  tohow to behave towards a person of colour; that a lot of the time one feels stifled.

And I have brown skin!

The irony is that people of Asian origin  are the most racist, there are no laws against what they say ,there are no quotas for them to employ white men and women in their business, a lot of them employ their own family members, nepotism flourishes, because they are not bound by the same laws on equality.

There are a lot of people who say openly that they wouldn’t want their children to marry anyone from Africa or of any other race, my late husband would have preferred his children to have married into Asian culture, was he a racist? The answer is an emphatic NO .The truth is that the UK  has the highest number of mixed marriages. The Chancellors brother is married to an Asian doctor. There are gorgeous looking children,born of this union, but some rather not have grand children of mixed race, that is their prerogative, why do they have to be labelled as racist for saying this?

There is not a single human being on this earth who has not been annoyed by a person of a different race/ country /culture, sometimes in their life,, in some countries they kill and persecute others on this basis,but in this country of ours,which has been the most tolerant and welcoming, we have laws, we have media who spend most of their times looking for an out of place word/action to jump on the racism bandwagon.

I think the vast majority have had enough of this looney laws, and diktats, looking for a word out of place and shouting racism has made a mockery of human behaviour, and the majority feel they have had enough.

You can’t not police thoughts, and if we are honest we all have had been annoyed , cursed under our breath and felt intimidated by all sorts of people, it is just that if you are White,Caucasian ,you are called racist.

We all are racist in one way or other, it is just that some are constantly monitored. If the intention was to improve cohesion it is a total failure,it is time we stopped policing thoughts.




One reply to “We are ALL Racists.

  1. Thanks , I’ve recently been looking for info about this subject for ages and yours is the best I have discovered till now. But, what about the cosnlunioc? Are you sure about the source?


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