Healing Gardens!

The president of the Royal college of physicians ,Sir Richard Thompson has said ” there can be huge savings to the NHS ” if gardening was prescribed on the NHS.

he said that studies show that hospital gardens reduced stress for patients, and ornamental indoor plants in surgical recovery rooms had been shown to lead to a drop in the use of pain killers.

Well I and others who do garden ,would have told them that! During the last two years ,when I was coping with my husbands illness on my own,it was my garden and my indoor plants in my conservatory ,which provided solace. I would come down and even in the bleak and dark days ,when the weather outside was equally bleak,I will come down in the morning and my Bird of Paradise would have produced a new flower, or the Hibiscus will be just about to, and whatever was troubling me,will be momentarily forgotten.

Here is a glimpse of my garden, taken today; let us see if it reduces your stress levels!


It is called “Indian Hawthorn”, a new plant .

My Clematis, flowering its heart out.

This is the tub of the Indian Hawthorn.


Clematis in the front.


My old rose, thorny,bad tempered, does its own thing, but boy it draws attention!


My Peony, it smells beautiful too.



This is for Ponsuda, and anyone else who wants to grow roses from the bouquets  they have received, or if they are lucky enough to get a single special rose!

this picture is for Ponsuda, these are the roses which were given to me in a bouquet a fortnight ago, they have been in water,and as you can see they  have grown shoots along the stem, I have just trimmed them above the growth and have planted them in a pot of gritty compost. Just leave them outside in a sheltered spot and make sure they are not dry. When leaves appear, pot them on. I just put them in the ground.

Hope this inspires you all to get some special and free roses, which will always remind you of the person,who gave them to you!

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