Obesity and Liberty!

The parents of a child (who suffers from autism),are being prosecuted for letting their child get fat.

As a nurse ,part of me is well aware the health issues,being grossly overweight creates, though everyone knows that food is not the only cause of obesity,it is simply using less energy and then there are conditions which can be  the reason for it.

But then again where would we draw a line? And how will we police it? Will it be all right if the social workers/police popped in regularly into your house and checked what you had in your larder? Or will children be quizzed at school and will have to keep an account of what they are eating? To me it is going too far in violating a  personal space.

The remarkable thing about the UK has always been the belief that one should live and let live, everyone could  go about their  life without interference by neighbours ,colleagues and last of all the State.

And of course how about the elephant in the room? The Asians living in this country are the biggest consumers of the NHS,for the same reason that their diet is rich, and is of the ” wrong” kind  especially as they shun exercise, especially some, who can’t or won’t swim or bee seen in a gym. Asians are the biggest consumers of donated organs, they have the highest number of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. Still you go to any Asian area and the streets are lined by sweet shops, the worst kind, made purely of Ghee(clarified butter) ,sugar and colouring, the snacks have tons of salt and the shops do a roaring trade.

So if we are talking of drain of NHS resources we will have to look at the part of the population who do it in their droves. The government or the health authorities never say anything loudly about it, in 1997 when I gave up nursing I was aghast to see the statistic. I tried to raise awareness, I think most of the authorities knew this but were very reluctant to publicise/ raise the issue. It took me months before I could get an article published on this subject or talk about it on the radio.

I was told it will be an “intrusion” in their life style , fair enough; so what has changed now? Is it now all right to prosecute parents if their children are fat?

For me it is step too far,though am aware of the consequences, What do you think?


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