A Blog on trivia!

Well you can say all my blogs are trivial! But then again some are more rubbish than others. Am well aware of it, before anyone else reminds me of it I confess to it !

This site is addictive as we all know, at least for me, there are those who left after a couple of years and never came back or rather made their own websites and lived happily after, am not that talented or resourceful. I like the human touch, I find the human interaction here fascinating,after a while you get to know who is what ; or words to that effect, as writing makes us visible in more ways than one.

There are some who love provoking others,simply to get a reaction and may be getting comments, there are clever well read,well informed ,who love to lecture us, they give us the benefit of their  vast knowledge and then expect us to be really grateful for it,and are put off if that gratitude is not coming their way. Well am neither of those,I just come here because of the interaction and for the friendly banter.

So in this trivial blog,what shall we talk about?

We can talk about British values, but none of us very sure, religion always gets a big reaction,but then again am not very knowledgable about it,the Birmingham schools have been done here many times,so this is a free blog!

Am sitting outside on the patio, the sun is shining brightly, the birds are singing,a green woodpecker has just landed on one of my Silver Birches ,and the radio is playing Mozart. I have just had a cup of tea,so may be start by telling me what you have been unto, or are doing?

Over to you.


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