Creative Writing Entry June 2014. The Rose




Since time began , I have been associated with beauty, colour and fragrance.

I would like to think that I am the king of the garden, no other bloom looks like me, or smells like me.

In one word, am unique.

I know my life is short, my petals tend to wither after a day or so and just the head is left, but hey a life lived to the full is the life worth living!

When am in full bloom, every eye rests on me, no one can walk pass without trying to breath in my perfume ,I stand there regally , just nodding gently with the breeze, rarely  getting over excited and swinging too and fro wildly.

I know I can be thorny too, it isnly to pretend that am hard to get, that am not easily available. If you want me you will have to be careful, you need to be respectful, and tread your way with caution.  Am not easily available.

I can stand on my own, I do not need support,sometimes it is good to be the only one ,with all eyes on you,so yes I do like being the centre  of attention. Am vain and I demand,nay I command attention.

And can you pass by me without at least glancing with admiration in my direction? You can not! See am the Monarch of the garden.

I can brighten your house with my colour and fragrance, but not for long, I hate being plucked, handled or kept in captivity. Give me freedom and admire me from a distance. 

You can say am like a feisty woman, I like to be looked at, admired and longed for. Am not available for every one to touch me, or own me.

I stand erect and commanding, I love praise, poets ,from Shakespeare onwards have sung my praises, I have enjoyed that!

There is nothing like adulation, makes one feel special, but I am special, I want to be known as such.

Tantalising, captivating and bewitching ,am a summer rose.






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