Twitter Again!!




So an MP is in trouble for saying on twitter that he wants to “punch a woman in throat;

Michael Fabricant MP was in similar trouble when he tweeted something unsuitable about Maria Miller MP,when she resigned. He was suitably chastised,but it seems he still has no qualms about venting his spleen on a social networking site.

I know a lot of you do not like twitter here, am not here to defend it, I would say it is an acquired taste, I for years resisted it and similar views,until the blogger Janh , when she left here, insisted that I join her on twitter, I did, and though am not there all the time, am there in the morning when I open my computer and have half an hour of aimless browsing, I join in with the Today programme, by commenting on whatever they are saying,and to my astonishment they have retweeted often ,what I have said and they follow me! There are some quality broadcasters and famous people who follow me! Am flattered.

I digress.

So the point is ,any social /public site, be it the MT, Facebook or twitter,can be as good/bad/indifferent as YOU the user make it. I for one never forget that am on a public site, that I have no right to blurt out my anger or frustration, that it never pays to be abusive, rude or offensive,and am only a humble blogger.

Am no fan of Alibhai Brown, I have in past complained to the BBC many times,when they used to roll her out for every comment and show, if she is on the radio or on t.v. I often change channels. I will never go on a public site and call her name, so how come an MP, someone who is an elected,holds a whip and is able simply shoot from hip on a public forum?

Is his ire reserved for just women? First Marya Miller MP and now Ms Brown?

Would you say it is cowardly to hit out on women, when there is so much violence too against them in the real world?

Or do you think he does it (misguidedly) to get his name in the limelight?

Should he be sacked? As Ms Brown is calling for him to be?

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