I heard a programme a week or so ago on the radio on into the “internet” we are!

They were talking about the latest developments and where the technology is taking us.

Clothes are being manufactured with “smart labels’ and smart washing machines who will go on line to read how to wash them.

Fridges, which will automatically order from supermarkets,what ever is in low stock. For example if you are running out of milk it will be ordered for you.

You can control your oven, t.v. heating from afar, either on your phone or on your computer

I know most of us (me included) balk at the mention of high tech gadgets. I resisted having a mobile phone or a lap top for years. We had a desk computer and I avoided going near it , as much as I could.

I never did see a place for a mobile phone in my life, and wasn’t until 2005 that my family conspired and bought me a phone and a subscription! I remember protesting strongly that Christmas that it was a waste of money and I will never use it, as I have no idea how to!

As for controlling household appliances with the mobile phone, I shuddered at the thought!

And when I was in Mexico, I remembered a t.v. serial I was watching back home, and was able to set the t.v. to record it for me! It was as simple as 123.

The advances in medicine  have been wonderful and life saving.

The question is though, as we get more and more engrossed in our digital world ,what happens to our people skills? What happens to the jobs, as more and more tasks are done by machines?

And moreover what do we do with all this saved time? If machines are doing all the jobs then how do we remain mobile? I can’t say gardening,because there are already robot mowers which will mow our lawn ,while we sit around with a smile on our face.

And does being digital savvy makes us a better person?

We all are here in this little digital world, where friendships are made , broken and heartache ensues, we rant, we laugh and we argue,this is almost a virtual world ,a parallel  universe.

So would you embrace the modern technology and become an ultra modern being or do you think we rather stay as we are?


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