Recently the Editor of the Tattler  magazine was in trouble for giving a talk at a girls school in which she said that  that exams and qualifications didn’t matter,what mattered was Charm!

I don’t think she was entirely wrong, how many times you have met people who are very important or famous or rich, but lack personal charm. They might have have talent which has propelled them to the heights they have risen but on one to one basis they are charmless!

India Knight in yesterday’s Times makes a very good point. She says that ” though all sorts of people in all walks of life have good manners, but do you know who excels in this at this stuff? Public schools. The secret of good public schools is that they teach manners just as effectively as they teach lessons”.


I will have to agree with her

to some extent. The “public school advantage” is not voodoo  ,but is available to everyone ,good manners and confidence’.

I think knowing what to do in every situations is what gives one confidence and perhaps that confidence is the key to success,and not a mystery that well educated get on in life.

Any child goes up in my estimation, if they are well mannered. When I was growing up this was a given,from the time I could speak I was taught to say thank you and please, table manners and what to say when and how to behave followed,and I feel it has stood me in good stead.

So what is important,being clever and studious or having good manners and charming? As the Editor of Tatler told the girls at the school or just having good results to get ahead in life?

To me there is no contest,I feel even if you are mediocre academically but have good manners and charm you will get on in life!

That has been my belief throughout my life and I think am doing fine!!!



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