Troubled World

Does the news affect our mood?

I have found out that it does. These last two weeks have been really miserable as far as the news goes. The misery of the Gaza, never mind the rights and the wrongs of the conflict, but it is so hard to watch the raw grief of parents,whose children have been killed, hundreds of people driven out of their homes and desperately seeking safety and shelter.

The Plane crash, innocent people , unsuspecting and looking forward to getting to their destination, unnecessarily and mercilessly killed by some mindless thugs, to have such undignified death, and then their bodies lying in summer’s heat, and the thugs stealing from them, how excruciatingly horrid is that.

The arrest of some 60 alleged paedophiles , and the statement that there are more than one hundred more in the pipeline , and some of them are doctors, teachers and there are said to be politicians too!

Does it erode your faith in human nature? I have felt downright miserable last few days or so. Granted I have reason to feel miserable from time to time, but most of the time I get over it and get on with life. This time the feeling has followed me like a black dog,and I know am not the sort of person to be melancholy. Even my garden failed to lift my spirits.

How has your week been? Have you felt hopeless and helpless in the light of such world events,and do you think that news and world events make us feel hopeless to helpless,or is it just me?

Of course there is nothing any of us can do to change the status quo,is there anything at all we can do?


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