Morbid Curiosity

Please can someone will explain to me ,why is the world’s press is camped at the crash site of the Malaysian disaster ,where the bodies are being loaded on to the truck for transportation to the netherlands?

I do not watch television during the day time, but every radio news bulletin informs me of the presence of the t.v.cameras,and no doubt the equal number of cameras will be awaiting the arrival of the plane in Netherlands ,with their cargo.

Do we need to know everything ,about the bodies? A Sky reporter even rummaged through the suit case of a victim, showing his keys and the contents? Why? To me it is sickening that people are not afforded dignity in death.

Robert Fisk, the respected journalist has complained that the news is “sanitised”, and the audience is being un necessarily  “protected” from the horrors of war. He wanted the faces of the dead children inGaza to be shown. Especially the face of a five month old baby ,as he was being prepared for burial. Fisk demanded that after the watershed of 9pm ,they news should show everything, shots of severed limbs, the distorted faces of the dead and so on.

Well may be am a wimp, but I do beg the question,is it not horrifying enough for us to know the number of people killed in a war,or a disaster,why do we want to see the close up of their bodies? In what way is it helpful or useful to gawp  at them?

Or is it that we have become so desensitised to the horrors in the world that we need more and more graphic details to shock us?

Am not sure when and how this trend of filming every moment of a aftermath of a disaster or a death is broadcast for us. I wonder if it started after the death of Diana Princess of Wales, when we lapped up every minute of the accident and its aftermath,there was an insatiable appetite  for every gory detail, newspapers and magazine who did this at the time ,sold in millions. So the trend started I think.

Am sure the victims and the relatives deserve a bit of privacy and dignity to grieve,without the hundreds of t.v. cameras trained on them ,broadcasting their every move to world, and reporters asking inane questions like”how does this makes you feel”? I think that question should be banned,and journalists re educated, to ask a reasonable question, or may be not ask any. We all can imagine how they must be feeling,we do not want some one wielding a microphone , asking a grieving relative how they feel.

Perhaps they think ,death is something which happens to others,and we all should be informed about the nitty gritty.

We must watch those coverage,hence every finds it necessary to show every little intrusive detail.

Do you agree with Robert Fisk? And do you want to see every detail in the aftermath of a tragic accident?

I wonder.



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