Myths and Beliefs

I have just fished out two magpies from my garden pond, I was told that magpies are unlucky if around. As the song goes “one for sorrow ,two for joy”! When my husband was ill and I was quite vulnerable , every time I saw a lone magpie,my heart sank. And for some reason every time I drove him to the hospital for his appointment/treatment one will be hopping on the road.

I still see single magpies, across the garden and from my kitchen window,they hop around for worms and the seed I put out on the bird table.

As I fished the two dead birds from the pond it made me wonder , how we believe in things when we want to believe.

In some countries ,a black cat srossing your path is considered unlucky.India is full of such superstitions, if you are going for something important and someone sneezes then that is it! You have to postpone the mission. retain days of the week are considered unlucky, wednesday are not the days for buying / starting anything new, it is said that you will do it four times!

Tuesdays are iffy and Saturdays are just dire!

Certain colours are considered unlucky too, We know these as old wives tales,am wondering as there are people here from all across the world,it will be interesting to know what myths/beliefs are practiced in your part of the world.

And do you believe in any of them? Or have you experienced anything which has led you to wonder if there is any truth i n these myths/

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