Not in my name

The Independent reports this morning that an academic from Westminster university claims , that the programme Gardeners Question Time is racist!
Am not making it up,here is a quote ;

“The show, which airs every Friday, is innocuously described by theBBC as: “a panel of horticultural experts answer[ing] gardening questions from a live audience.”

However, its unassuming exterior is concealing more sinister intentions, Dr Ben Pitcher says.

“Gardeners’ Question Time is not the most controversial show on Radio 4, yet it is layered, saturated with racial meanings,” Dr Pitcher, a senior lecturer in sociology at the University of Westminster claimed.”

And you can read the article here;

Am really miffed. I knew nothing about gardening when I came to this country, flowers just appeared in the garden and in the vases at my parents home, I had no interest or desire to know ,as to how and where they came from!

When I set up home here,did I look at the green space around me and gathered that one can grow things! Apart from kind neighbours,this and the show on the t.v. Gardeners World have been my teachers and mentors. I have never ever thought about mixing nationalism and gardening!

How do people see racism” in everything? Is this something which comes naturally or does one has to work at it I wonder.

With so much trouble in the world in the name of religion, caste,creed and land should we, or rather academics be looking for racism and nationalism  with a microscope and finding it ,where it doesn’t  exist?

And should respectable newspapers be giving such nonsense the space ? I don’t think so and I hope you will agree with me.

I think stuff like gardening, music and drama are the things which can be used to reach out to the like minded,and not put forward such stupid theories forward.

I notice that the Telegraph has reported  it too!

Well not in my name folks, I and many like me who love that programme and see NOTHING which is racist or nationalistic.

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