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Coffee Lounge!

Right, I have  noticed that the dynamics of this have changed lately.

The only blogs which are read and commented are either the ones which act like a chat room, coffee lounge sort of thing,or have very weighty and controversial subjects.

There is not much demand for the musings of bloggers like me.

So I thought I will move with the times! Being a peace loving person, I don’t/won’t do controversy, but am willing to invite you all to come and talk about anything and everything here,and I will do my best to be a good host. There are no restrictions. Just grab a cup/glass /tumbler and settle down ,and tell us what you are doing at the weekend, what is the weather like, is there anything bothering you, and so on.

You get the drift.

But it is not all free am afraid, you have to help me identify this plant. It was a single stemmed sad looking thing when it was given to me, now it is huge. it produces these beautiful lily like flowers in summer,and the they smell divine. I assume it is from the lily family, but what is the name please?

I have had this since 2009, and it has gone from strength to strength.

So over to you!


That is how the flowers look.


And these are the buds.


And that is how the base of the plant looks.

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