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My Tribute and Best wishes

I want to pay tribute to the British nurse Mr William Pooley, who is being treated in the London Hospital for ebola.

This 29 year old remarkable man , volunteered to go and help in the this deadly epidemic ,and when the 20 other health professionals he was working with succumbed to the disease, he stayed on,claiming that the people and the professionals of that country needed support.

I think this humanity and sense of duty is something,for which this great country of ours was known for. Am someone who was once an outsider looking in. I grew up hearing about the humanity and the charitable disposition of the British people.I also worked with some volunteers ,from Britain,when I was a health visitor in India. I witnessed, how kind, and altruistic those workers were.

In todays world,when half the world is at war,and the other half is either looking the other way,or regards the rest as sub-human, this young man is a beacon of todays troubled world. Today most of the world is involved in some conflict or other, bent upon killing and maiming their enemies, and the rest are helpless and indifferent.

It is easier to be in our comfortable place and regard others as sub human, as long it doesn’t affect us,it has nothing to with us, they get their just deserves.

The reality of an epidemic is something very horrific.

As a just qualified health visitor,I worked in rural India in a Small Pox epidemic. Myself and a health inspector, along with a team of workers to disinfect and isolate, we went from house to house,trying to vaccinate the contacts, disinfect the house and isolate the victims. Often the door was slammed in our faces, as often it was thought that the small pox was the manifestation of a goddess, and it should not be prevented.

I distinctly remember ,working from the early hours until late at night, trying to sooth their bodies ,which will be so full of little pustules,that you couldn’t find room for for a pin head to rest. We used Gention Violet, a soothing blue dye to dab the blisters,so they could have some relief.

We were paid to do a job,and were looking after the people of our own kind, but this young man has volunteered to go an alien culture/country ,purely with a desire to save other human beings.

Am proud to be a nurse, he has put the pride back in the profession and the country.

Please get well soon, our prayed and best wishes are with you.


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