Was it just PC?

The horror of abuse which has unfolded in the recent months,and the report published yesterday makes horrifying reading.

I watched the author of the report ,in a long discussion on the Newsnight last night, and this morning have been listening to phone ins on this topic ,both on radio Fivelive ,and the BBC’s Asian network.

A lot has been said,and not said on this topic. A lot of Pakistani men came on and claimed that it was wrong to do racial stereo typing on this issue, and left me shouting at the radio !

Of course it is right to name and shame, it is not fair to demonise the whole of the Sub-Continent. We have not heard of Hindu or Indian men caught doing such things,it has not been Sri Lankan or Chinese, it is not an Asian problem, it is a Pakistani Problem!

What really annoyed me and has not been highlighted is the role of the Labour Councillors

.Someone said, Each Muslim Councillor,brings about 250 votes.

When this issue was raised; they will demand that the issue is suppressed.

SO they exert a huge pressure and influence,and in that respect,the Councils and the governments of the day are complicit too.

I do know of one man who used to be on the radio all the time, claimed to be a school governor, and advocated ,violence against women, cutting off the hands of Salman Rushdie ,and the BBC continued to give him time. And then now we have the whole scandal of the Birmingham schools.

So have we learnt any thing with such revelations?

No and we will not ,as long as the governments will want their votes from any source, such things will continue.

And how about the families, communities etc?


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