Question and Answers!!!

I went out this afternoon and took these pictures for Mark.



My Datura" Bergamont , about to flower.

Well , you can say I have a death wish.


Do you get the impression that there is repressed/hidden anger among our bloggers/readers ? Some take every opportunity  to take jibes at each other, the other gives an equally terse reply and moves on,but the air is never cleared. Angers simmer ,and so it goes on.

So what if we said exactly what is bothering us, why are we angry and with whom ? And then the other can produce their argument,and most of you can arbitrate  or say if the grievance is genuine or is worth pursuing.

In my life’s experience,it is never productive to have simmering anger towards another. When I was having a dispute with my sister (2008-9) I blogged here very openly, and what the people said here was very useful , I was able to see my own problem from another’s eyes and it helped me to resolve it for myself.

In other words, I realised there is no dispute which can not be resolved.

Once the whole thing is out of your system, it is a relief, you may never see eye to eye with that person,but you move on. Having a simmering anger and having short bursts of anger only prolongs the agony.

Obviously these disputes have emerged/happened here,so this site is the place to clear them too.

NO ONE is barred, trolls, banned bloggers ,everyone is welcome.

MODS; Please don’t delete any comments, as in the long run it will be good for this site. I promise.

I would have presented my dispute,but unfortunately/ fortunately I have not any, as am not robust enough,I shy away from controversy.

So it is up to you now.

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