Love on the Internet!

I listened to a report on one of the consumer programmes(You and Yours,BBC R4), they discussed the case of three women,who have,between them handed over half a million pounds to the men they met on the internet!

What amazes me is that despite so much publicity ,how can some still succumb to such scams.

I often wonder if such men(and they are mostly men) possess some very special qualities that they can seduce women ,by just emails? Or is it that the women are simply looking for someone/anyone to fall in love with?

A lot us are lonely these days, life is such that children and relatives live where they find jobs or where their careers are,so if you are divorced/widowed/ single ,you are on your own most of the time. I suspect one shouldn’t  judge such people harshly,there is a need in all of us to be liked and may to be loved,it is finding the right person which is difficult. And trying to find a decent and good man/woman twice a s hard.

Perhaps that is where these conmen /women take advantage of this human need. It has to be a despicable crime.

So have any of you any experience of such people who have tried to lure you and you sent them packing?

These men were on a very famous dating site,which advertises daily on the t.v. and now they say that “women should be careful, before they trust anyone on such sites, and I thought they did the vetting beforehand!

So though I feel these women were foolish ,but am not sure we should not judge them too harshly,loneliness is a human frailty ,and anyone of us can succumb to it anytime .

We are the lucky ones that we can cope well but there are hundreds who can’t.



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