Let us talk…

of something else!

We have just been through s lengthy Scottish campaign, in my opinion the subject has been done to death! And now the aftermath, what did Andy Murray say,why and when and the newspapers, news bulletins are now full of the aftermath. I came here for refuge and I see majority of blogs are still discussing the same issue!

Of course you all have a right to discuss whatever you wish to, it is just that I feel the subject has had enough coverage.

Let us talk of something  else! So what should we talk about?

Well anything and everything. How was your week,and what have you been unto?

What books are you reading and tell us something about them and are you liking them? Tells us a bit about them.

What television programmes/films have you watched lately and have you been impressed by them?

So it is a kind of Saturday night cocktail bar!! Talk about anything ,whatever takes your fancy.

To start you off, I have had a very social week, when I went to the AGM of the Bureau,among the trustees were a lot of people I knew from the NHS, and other agencies i have volunteered for, a few of them wanted to take me out to lunch, so who of this week I have been taken out to lunch,by various people! The Janh came round today, we drove to the quaint village of Dunster, had lovely lunch there, walked around the shops and had a very pleasant day.

By the way Jan wanted me to say hello to those who remember her.

So now, over to you!



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