Is it just me or has there been a lack of readable blogs lately?

I notice that Charles and Bubbles have written blogs which have current topics and start a discussion. There are a lot of new bloggers who do write well,but rarely get comments,and fade away.

I see that a lot of blogs, though have no substance but have comments in hundreds,because of personality clashes. There are people who constantly bicker at each other. Not a single comments go by without someone calling the personality names, not the topic but it suddenly descends into who said what to whom.

Am an old blogger here, I have seen a lot of trends come and go, in the beginning there were very heated debates,but they were on topic. People vehemently disagreed about the subject,produced evidence to support their argument and such debates were readable.

Why can’t we appreciate bloggers for what they offer to this site,rather than constantly finding faults with them.

Bubbles always posts good blogs, I may not agree with them,but we need diverse subjects.

Charles/Haymaker always write well written,interesting and well researched blogs. Never indulge in deriding anyone or talking about anyone.

Adextra/gazoopi ,write good blogs when they feel like it,but are mostly reasonable.

Cropper/Peter Barnet/ Chester/ Tom K/ are brilliant writers and always have something good to say.

Elle/ Amuhud likes to write about religion, he puts a lot of time and effort in his writings, again that is not a subject which interests me,but he is always polite and decent ,and has every right to say what is important to him.

Gwen? Ponsuda/ Veteran09/ Jamie/ Amicus have a strong faith and write about it and good luck to them. I respect their beliefs.

Mark U tells us important things about India and writes on so many subjects and writes well,and is most welcome.

Cheech always puts a smile on our faces.

Then there are bloggers who dip in and out,like Shermeen and others,who are always polite and amiable,they have as much right to their faith as anyone of us.

So you see there is sp much talent/diversity on this site;we can discuss anything ,so why are we stuck on squabbling? Why do we find it necessary to take stab at each other, it may be fun for those concerned,it is deadly boring for the rest of us,and off putting for anyone looking in.

Please realise that this is a site,visible to the world, anyone looking in to the site provided by a respectable newspaper ,will despair that it has become like a chatroom, where blogs are posted simply to attract conflict.

How sad.


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