Lonely Men

It is a known fact, men cope with loneliness very badly. A latest report says there is an increasing number of lonely men,though not as large a number as, lonely women.but a big number and it is getting bigger.

Where as women are better at being on their own, men are not. They are more likely to succumb to depression,loneliness and illness. Mostly because all the socialising is done by women, there are very few men who want to organise social events like women do ,so when the woman is no longer there, they are at a loss.

There are very few marriages where it is the man who invites people and undertakes cooking and organising, phone friends, and meet them for coffee etc; ,men are usually content to come back from work and settle down with a drink or the remote for the t.v., or the more intellectual types might have a book or a crossword on their lap, before they doze off!

So when they are left without the social organiser ,namely their wife/partner; they are lost. The still settle down with a drink and a book or a remote,day after day, until the loneliness catches up.

This is not about women being superior, they are just better at maintaining human contact, socialising and putting an effort into all these things. Socialising means talking to others, expressing your feelings, something else men are poor at.

Men are also poor at looking after their health, seeking advice and going to the doctors!

Sorry Folks ,you men here might be very good at all these things,but the majority are not,and a report out today says that the numbers of lonely (old and not so old) men is increasing, and their health quickly declines as they can’t cope.

So how are you doing? Can you identify with the above descriptions or are you all dynamic and social beings? it comes down to the same thing,man is a social animal and is not meant to be lonely. How many of you are outgoing and seek out social contact ? I have found in my volunteering life so far , that women volunteers outnumber men by a great margin.

So it seems for once this report is right,men are not able to cope with being on their own, are you prepared to be on your own, if life deals a rotten hand and you are left on your own?

Think about it.

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