A recent report says that in the UK the use of sperm banks had gone up many folds. Before there was only one such bank in the country, but now the number is rising , as the demand increases.

One reason is that women are freezing their eggs,to be implanted later in life,as they climb the ladder of their chosen profession. Which means that we in this country ,do not value motherhood. Women of child bearing age feel they will be discriminated against if they chose that path.

Infertility is also on the rise,causes unknown but the rise of fertility clinics and treatments suggests that this is the case.

And then there is another aspect, women ;only some mind, feel that they can create a pregnancy, and chose what the father should be like and how the child should look.

This is I feel is a very aspect,that the influence of fathers is undermined.

Fathers are very different to mothers, but they are essential for a child. My own father was the product of an era and believed that children should be seen and not heard, he was a very strict disciplinarian. he didn’t believe in helping around the house,there was no need for it ,as we had servants. But all the management of children, home and and food etc; was left to my mother and the house keeper. But his presence was everywhere. We had a figure of authority amongst us and his word was final,once he had said something,there was very little room for argument or negotiations. He cared deeply for us though and in hindsight everything he did/said has stood me in good stead.

My husband on the other hand was a man of few words. He never imposed any rules, never said much to the children, but cared deeply for them. All his thoughts /actions were geared towards making sure his children had the best he could afford to give them.

My son and son in law on the other hand are very involved and hands on fathers of the 21st century. They change nappies , bathe and feed the kids and are as involved with them as their mothers are.

So in whatever guise, fathers are just ir replaceable.

I feel this is a sad trend that now a days more women want to choose the eye /skin and hair colour from a frozen sperm, and do not feel how big a gap it might leave in a child’s life.

I wonder if am alone in my thinking?


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