A new movie is about to be released,it is about the life and times of the Enigma Code breaker,Alan Turing. He cracked the Enigma and changed the course of the war.

Today though it is a different story.

The new Chief of the GCHQ has made a speech saying that the since the revelations that governments can and do eavesdrop in our phone conversations, and that they can read our emails too, internet service providers are trying to surpass each other by making their services interference proof.

Apple has brought on the new iPhone and they claim that it can not be hacked into. Google and other ISPs have tightened their security and decoding.

You might say it is good news,for those among us who resent snooping in their private lives, but and this is a big BUT, the security services are lamenting that it also provides security for the terrorists.

It seems the ISIS and other obnoxious terrorists communicate through the social media ,and the due to the post Assange era of privacy mindedness the media protects them ,albeit not knowing that they are terrorists.

So where will you draw a line? I don’t mind if the MI5 or anyone wants to have a look at my communications, ut am alarmed that they cant track the emails/messages of the terrorist.

So will you be able to give up some of your freedom ,so the authorities can do their job or you think it is only fair that in the post Assange era we all should stay secure and free from snooping?

Even f we have to pay the price by allowing the freedom to those who want to harm us?

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